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We use long lasting sustainable fabrics including natural cotton, hemp, and occasionally linen. We believe that through every small change for the better, we are all working towards a collective sustainable goal. We need to preserve our very special planet.


Follow our care instructions, and your precious threads will be long lasting. This means that you buy once, and won’t have to replace them (unless they get damaged). The next time you buy from us will either be a gift for a special someone, or more lovely threads to add to your growing collection. 


Cotton and hemp have very similar qualities that work perfectly with our stitching. These plant-based, natural woven fibers are known for their durability, low maintenance, sustainability and hypoallergenic properties. They are ideal for creating pieces that will stand the test of time.  The structure of these fabrics hold our embroidery very well, with little to no puckering. 


Caring for your cotton products: 

The cotton that we use is a lovely, natural and simple fabric, lightweight and slightly off-white in colour (unless overdyed by us). 

We use cotton for our   napkins ,tea towels , Japanese aprons , as well as some of our bowl covers.

The best way to care for your cotton items is a cold water machine wash, line dry and warm iron.


Caring for your HEMP products: 

We love the slightly heavier weight of our hemp fabric, it is also a beautiful natural stonecolour as it is unprocessed. This also means there are less chemicals in the fabric. It is hypoallergenic and UV Resistant making our prints less prone to fading.

We use hemp for our napkins,  tea towels,  table runners,  cushion covers (stitched and printed), and some of the bowl covers too. 


Care for your hemp napkins, tea towels, table runners, and stitched cushion covers is a cold water machine wash, line dry and warm to hot iron. 

Our printed cushion covers and printed bowl covers prefer to be hand washed in cold water, line dried, and warm to hot iron. 


We use River Frog Laundry Powder as it is non-toxic, biodegradable, contains no phosphates, and is not tested on animals.


If you have any nasty stains, we use a little bit of oxygen bleach(Take care using this on our overdyed aprons though - you just need a tiny bit.)